For International Students

Graduates in March 2019 and September 2018

Congratulations on completing your studies at TUAT.
The year 2017 marked the 55th Anniversary of TUAT Alumni Association’s establishment, we currently have over 50,000 members and we are holding activities to support our alumni as well as current students.
We would like to welcome you to TUAT Alumni Association.



Your personal data (information)

At the moment of graduation the personal information is transferred from the university to the TUAT alumni database.


Publishing personal information
The list of the new TUAT Alumni members with their name and the name of their study / work place will be posted on the newsletter "TUAT Communications" Edition # 97.
"TUAT Communications" Edition # 97 is due to be released in August 2019;


If you do NOT wish to have them posted in this edition, please inform the Alumni Office by "Registration Form"
The registration should be submitted before May 31st 2019.
No reply will be considered as they are agreed to have the name and the name of their study / work place publicized in TUAT newsletter.


Also in case of any changes in your address and your e-mail address after May 2019, please inform us by e-mail to update.


All personal information will be handled under the privacy policy and rules related to the personal information protection of the Alumni Association.


Join the Alumni Association

TUAT Graduates are automatically members of TUAT Alumni Association.
Active members are alumni who support the association by paying membership;
Lifetime membership: \10,000 (Yearly membership  \1,500)
For students who have already paid the Alumni Fee at the moment of entrance, please note that at graduation it will be automatically switched for a lifetime membership.
We send TUAT Alumni newsletter "TUAT Communications" for overseas active members.


We wish you all the success in your careers!  


TUAT Alumni Association
Alumni Office Contact details:
Tel: +81-42-364-3328  Fax:+81-42-335-3500